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Ruud Molenaar:
Hello my name is Ruud Miller. I have a few years ago bought a jukebox with Mr. Bleumink. The jukebox has played well but still got problems. After one year without maintenance or to have had 12 to Mr. Bleumink called. That gave me the number of Marcel Bogert. He came to see him and was talking again. He suggested that the jukebox to bring him to bring a complete overhaul. This is what happened and he did a great job. The Wurlitzer 1900 from 1956 resonates as ever. I think Marcel and a nice person clearly person. He gives good advice. I hope in the future to continue doing business with him.

Sam Schillemans (Zwijndrecht-Holland):
My Seeburg jukebox the Discotheque I bought a fixer-upper. Unfortunately, I did not manage to refurbish. Marcel proved a winning lottery ticket. We spent the jukebox at his home and he dismantled the mechanism and made it again common. The amplifier, car speed and the selection unit were reviewed and the speakers repaired or replaced. Now I have a jukebox that plays well and looks great. That appearance was the reason for purchase, but the technique remains important and that Marcel has mastered like no other. Guarantee Agreements he comes in: when a fault in the selection that he was free to solve. It is a true lover and his prices are certainly not commercial.

Huub Bakermans (Eindhoven-Netherlands):

I've found Marcel Bogert Internet. After an appointment to have one evening he came. After several minutes he found the evil. There were broken teeth of a transport wheel. Meanwhile, the teeth repaired. That he had already done at home, having had the first visit certain parts of the jukebox had brought home. Marcel is very strict with to agree in time. Say you off at one time, he is always there. Mind to have a jukebox mechanic who agreed to do. My Wurlitzer 1800 is the perfect weather. I touch very pleasant

Herman Scheepstra (Leeuwarden-Netherlands):

I once called on Marcel bogert made through the mail to a malfunction of my favorite issues. Through his opinion what the problem might be my jukebox plays back all right. I live in Leeuwarden not next door which is why I have sought advice through the mail drop by there is the distance too far. If I ever near it then I certainly along or if I have a problem with the box than I know where I need an expert and friendly advice with Marcel. Do not have his mail address but got his home address would lose me this further wish to mail.


Ben de Vries (Tilburg-Netherlands):

I'm using Google www.seeburg-jukeboxes.nl ended. I got him some questions and asked for advice. In reply, I had a very large mail back from where you can see that it is not just for the money but certainly has a passion for jukeboxes. That you will hardly against jukebox in the world. Much fun jukebox.


Simon Zorge (Duivendrecht-Netherlands):

After a somewhat difficult start using the mail, probably through the crowd I had telephone contact with Marcel. I then agreed to in the new year appointment to the under part of my Wurlitzer 2100 bringing with him. Tuesday 02 februari 2010 I had my son marcel the parts of my Wurlitzer 2100 to deliver after a nice cup of coffee to drink and jukeboxes have spoken, I must say that I have received marcel confident he knows where He is talking about, I have therefore areas with a lot of trust in him left. Hoping that this is the beginning of a fine relationship of our jukebox hobby.


Peter Turpijn (Twist-Germany):

Marcel Bogert me well and enthusiastically helped my problems I Seeburg SMC. After removal, the 40 pins identifying microchip and reinstatement, everything went wrong. With excellent advice I have restored the situation. Thanks again , am glad that there is knowledge about the very complex chip Seeburg. friendly greeting.


Johan Baeyens (België):

Like many, a jukebox a long dream, not because it is expensive because fear not!, but you do not what to buy and where. it just happened that I it just happened that I www.2dehands.be, and had seen a jukebox.

The seller sold 3 jukeboxes, but there was 1 jukebox which I immediately liked, Seeburg SMC1 Disco.


I knew nothing of. I've seen internet and I landed on www.seeburg-jukeboxes.nl

it is a little apart the first jukebox the jukebox fitter a Seeburg SMC1 Disco was. I immediately sent an email to collect on the jukebox. The response came quickly the jukebox fitter and some emails later some more tips, bought I the jukebox, in the hope of a good buy again. The jukebox looked good, but quickly fell to. He played a number of days, and then it was over. I had one option and that was Marcel. I have also sent emails other jukebox mechanics, but but that was against.


After a number of emails to have received from Marcel, I decided bring the jukebox to him for a revision and repair. The jukebox is back home and playing as always. I was very emotional when the first song played.


I am very impressed by Marcel. He does recommend, He answered like emails. I've sent many emails and all emails are is neatly responded. the repair is swift, therefore this way I can not satisfy him say thank you.


The jukeboxfibe I really have to address.




Mariska Bogert (Nieuwegein, Netherlands):

My Seeburg jukebox images did not run.

The Jukebox mechanic has looked. The jukebox is cleaned and updated, and he does it again.

I was pleased about Marcel. He is able and fast.

For the half yearly audit I certainly question marcel.


Thanks Marcel.


Fred Tebbens & Clément van der Vegt (Zoetermeer)- Netherlands:
I was looking for a Jukebox, and after a lot of searching and searching through various www.marktplaats.nl and I's website through the site via www.seeburg juke-boxes. com correctly gekomen.Ik thought I'd better leave by mail, maybe this man what I could betekenen.Hij has stood me very well to speak, and there you can get all he really knows what he heeft.Ik am www.marktplaats.nl on the quest for a nice cabinet behind. I thought of that Marcel again let me mail and ask what I could do. From then on things we have discussed over the phone. Marcel me through the phone and I explained what to look for a good acquisition. Ben is going to look a ROWE AMI JAL 200. This was imported from America. Through his expertise over the phone, I decided this (broken box) to take. Marcel told me as the key elements are inside it can not hurt and if he could look after him he would get working. I asked if he had time to come. Dandy 2 days later he is on the doorstep with a suitcase, and a lot of parts. A few cups of coffee later and let me say ... He went away again and he plays like a train. Here and there, the jukebox still have shortcomings. But Marcel is also to look. All in good time. Jukebox'm glad that it does and images that I can play with the jukebox. Every time looking for new pictures. Everything is working again, well then you still say that there is understanding of Marcel has jukeboxes. Marcel, Toppie. And I know you find. So come on, buy a jukebox. All he does not have the knowledge and Marcel get it back for you to talk. Gun Jukebox half a life


Henri Barten (België):
After some less positive experiences, I was somewhat skeptical Jukebox repairers. Marcel has fully lived up to all expectations, however, is a pure technician sang that the operation of a jukebox in every detail to understand. I find it really nice if he just does not understand, but what he knows today, he knows tomorrow. The most pleasant is that he makes no secret of his knowledge, and give you information about your jukebox does what you want. What are the weaknesses, what you can do yourself. He previously precisely what the potential problems and costs associated with it, and comes after the agreements. Marcel, I can wholeheartedly recommend, because he has my back AMI J peak in fine order.


Gertie Buitenhuis (Apeldoorn, Netherlands):

Marcel is a true craftsman. He has my total technical restored Wurlitzer 1100, after years and still plays like new! He is also busy with my Wurlitzer 61.


Hans in 't Veen (Bergschenhoek, Netherlands):

Fine contact, comes commitment. Carefully and technically advanced. My Wurlitzer Seeburg V200 and 2000 were very satisfied.


Willem Bleumink (Colmschate, gemeente Deventer, Netherlands):

I'm sure 20 years restored jukeboxes. I've sold at home and abroad, it was a fantastic activity. I've been in contact with several people at the technical level Affairs arranged for me, in order to offer security guarantees terms. Often amplifiers quickly gave back problems, gave interference mechanisms, these agreements were not fulfilled by engineers, they asked prices rose from the pan. Sometimes I sat with my hands in my hair! Worse still, their unreliability eventually came out! Until I actually accidentally came into contact with Marcel Bogert. At first I thought, what would this guy can do for me. After one days astonished I was, what a technical memory. He had never seen an Ami H. In 1 days he took the machine completely apart, all parts were scattered throughout the next morning my workspace, engine totally apart, everything really, I did not know what I saw! He would never get it back together. But ... ... ... .... None of this, everything was put back together, adjusted the jukebox and played like he was factory new, unimaginable. This I had never experienced such a techie, and very important, his appointments was after it. I never doubted any time the amounts he asked. Many jukeboxes for me he has adjusted to the satisfaction of me and those who declined a jukebox. I've never had any problem with him, I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone Marcel. He can and will solve every problem, against a very real consideration. Marcel much luck.


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